Puppy Updates

Puppy updates for sold puppies.

Bella’s puppies are 6 weeks old. I will be contacting the new owners this weekend to schedule the video calls for early next week. I will email the puppy guarantees out for you to sign on the 25th.

Delivery will be Saturday, March 27th.

Their temperaments are quite similar, I will get into more detail with each of you in the video calls.

The Girls

Pippa is sweet and adventurous, she loves to play and cuddle.
Nova is more reserved, sometimes shy, she loves to cuddle, and is getting more outgoing every day.

The Boys

Easton is the biggest boy, he’s sweet and attentive. He is likely to grow to over 80lbs.
Bentley is a cuddle bug, and loves to be in on the fun!
Cooper is playful and outgoing, he loves attention.
Max is adventurous, but will also love to curl up on the rug and rest.
Finn is the smallest boy, he loves to be with his humans, and play with his siblings.