Oakley is a purebred and registered standard red poodle, he has 99% red bloodlines. He has clear genetic testing through Paw Print Genetics. He is excellent with children, very quiet, gentle, and has visited school classrooms( he loves the attention!). He is very sensitive of human feelings, and incredibly smart. His puppies are calm and gentle, and very quick to learn! Oakley is 65lbs.


Rocky is a purebred and registered standard parti poodle. He has excellent bloodlines from the United States. He has clear testing through Paw Print Genetics. Rocky is confident and very calm and quiet. He is happy doing his own thing, and looking out for everyone. He also enjoys cuddles. Rocky is 68lbs.



Autumn is an F1 Standard size goldendoodle. Autumn has clear health testing with Paw Print Genetics. She is a favourite with our children, she’s intelligent, gentle, loves cuddles and all the attention she can get. She’s an excellent mother. Autumn is 65lbs. When bred with Oakley she has beautiful puppies with rich red and some apricot coats. Autumn and Oakley’s puppies have both wavy and curly coats.


Keltie is an F1 Blue Merle Aussiedoodle. Keltie has been health tested through Paw Print Genetics. Keltie thinks she is a lap dog, she adores cuddles on the couch. She is incredibly smart and was very quick to train. She loves to play, and is gentle. Keltie is 48lbs. When bred with Rocky, Keltie has stunning litters of blue Merle, phantom and black and white puppies. Keltie’s puppies have both wavy and curly coats.